Miller wants to play in 2006

Quentin Grant recently spoke with Prince Miller, a defensive back from Byrnes High School in South Carolina, and a signee of the 2006 recruiting class. Miller was one of the top cornerbacks in the Southeast this past season and discusses his plans about his upcoming Georgia experience.

Quentin Grant: How have things been going for you since signing day?

Prince Miller: Good, things have been going great.

Grant: Are you running track right now?

Miller: Yes.

Grant: What else are you doing to get ready to go to Georgia?

Miller: I've been doing the workout they gave me. I workout four days a week.

Grant: How long do your workouts usually last?

Miller: About an hour and half or so.

Grant: Have you added any weight?

Miller: No I haven't, and I wasn't trying to.

Grant: Are you trying to stay slim for track?

Miller: I've been at my same weight I've always been, around 185 or 190.

Grant: Is that the weight they wanted you to play at?

Miller: Yes.

Grant: What are you benching right now?

Miller: 300, but I have max out coming up next week.

Grant: When are you planning on going up to Athens?

Miller: Well, I'm supposed to start moving in around June 3.

Grant: So, you have are going to the first summer session?

Miller: Yes, that's right.

Grant: What do you think you need to get better at before going?

Miller: I need to get better at everything. I'm pretty sure the guys who have been there are pretty good at what they are doing. I need to do everything it takes to start on the football team.

Grant: Do you think you have a chance at playing next year?

Miller: I think I do, but we'll just have to see. I'm going to try and do what it takes.

Grant: So your ultimate goal is to be on the field next year?

Miller: Yes.

Grant: Which coaches have you been hearing from?

Miller: Coach Garner and Coach Martinez.

Grant: With track, I saw where you finished 2nd in the region in the 100 meters. How that was and where do you go from there?

Miller: Yes, I finished 2nd to my teammate, and I will be at the state qualifier meet this weekend, and state would be the weekend after.

Grant: After track are you going to totally focus on football?

Miller: Yes.

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