Feeling a Draft

Like many of you, this weekend I watched the NFL draft, not the whole thing, that would be a little too much, even for me. There were three things that I thought were very strange, you be the judge of which was the strangest. 1. 12 players were selected in the first round by ACC schools. 2. Vanderbilt had the first player selected from a SEC school. 3. The Falcons selected a Georgia Bulldog.

The ACC is a basketball conference right? Last year the ACC had only 5 first round draft picks. Their 12th selected did not happen until pick #91. In the last NBA draft there were only 7 ACC players taken in the first round.

Vanderbilt's Jay Cutler was taken with the 11th pick overall. The Commodores have only had 8 first round draft picks in their history. The last one before Cutler happened in 1986 when the Buffalo Bills selected Will Wolford with the 20th pick.

I know it is strange that Falcons selected D.J. Shockley in the 7th round of this year's draft. To most people's surprise, the Falcons have drafted Bulldogs. D.J. is actually the 6th Bulldog taken by the Falcons. The last one was Mitch Davis back in 1994. The other 4 are Ray Jeffords, Allan Leavitt, Scott Woerner and Troy Sadowski. The earliest round the Falcons ever selected a Bulldog was Scott Woerner when he was picked in the 3rd round in 1981.

Here are some other Bulldog draft notes that you may not know...

This is the first year since 2000, that a Bulldog was not selected in the first round. 24 former Bulldogs have been selected in the first round of NFL drafts, including 15 since 1990. Charley Trippi in 1947 and Harry Babcock in 1953 were first overall picks. Johnny Rauch was taken 2nd in 1949 and Garrison Hearst was taken 3rd in 1993, those were the only other top 5 overall picks. The last top 10 pick was Johnathan Sullivan when he went 6th overall to the Saints back in 1993.

When the Eagles selected Max Jean-Gilles in the 4th round this year, Philadelphia became the team that has selected the most Georgia Bulldogs. The Eagles are tops with 18. In case you were wondering the Steelers are next with 17. The Steelers have had the most in the 2000's with 4.

The Kansas City Chiefs and the Houston Texans have never selected a Bulldog. What is with them?

The team with the longest draught without taking a Bulldog is the San Diego Chargers. Back in 1977, wide receiver Gene Washington was taken in the 9th round.

The most Bulldogs going to one team in one draft is 3. Once again, the Eagles hold that claim. John Whire, John Roberts and Milton "Red" Leathers were all taken by the Eagles in the 1933 draft.

The first Georgia Bulldogs to be taken in the NFL draft were Roy Estes and Tom Nash. Both were taken by the Green Bay Packers in 1928.

The latest Super Bowl MVP, Hines Ward was selected by the Pittsburgh Steelers in the 3rd round, 92nd overall. Herschel Walker was taken in the 5th round, 114th overall by the Dallas Cowboys in 1985. Then again he was at the time playing in the USFL.

This year, 7 Georgia Bulldogs were taken in the draft. The most taken in a single draft since the draft moved to 7 rounds was 8 and that happened in 2002. In 2003, 7 Bulldogs were taken as well.

In the Mark Richt era, 32 Bulldogs have been drafted. That is the most by any team in the SEC.

In the future I am sure that there will be a lot more players selected from Mark Richt's teams. I am not sure in the Falcons will pick any of them.

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