Strickland getting ready for final HS season

Georgia's first commitment for the Class of 2007 came from offensive lineman Tanner Strickland. Dean Legge recently caught up with Strickland.

Dean Legge: Update me on how things have been going for you lately if you don't mind…

Tanner Strickland: Things are going real good. I'm just working out getting ready for my senior season.

Legge: What are y'all expecting this fall?

Strickland: We are going to have a pretty young team, but all of the offensive line returns. We are going to be running an I, so we are going to be pounding it down the field.

Legge: Has Georgia asked you to work on anything?

Strickland: Just to be in shape…

Legge: How is that going?

Strickland: Fine – I run after school

Legge: How much do you run?

Strickland: Usually I will start out and run a mile to warm up. Then I will run bleachers, and a few sprints.

Legge: Still working out in the weight room…

Strickland: Yes. I have weight training.

Legge: What are you weighing?

Strickland: 315

Legge: Is that about what you have been?

Strickland: I have not changed lately…

Legge: And they are fine with that?

Strickland: Yes. They said I need to stay at 315.

Legge: Have you gotten to know any of the other three guys that have committed to Georgia?

Strickland: I have met Conrad Obi. We have hung out and talked a lot. I saw him at the G-Day game. We talked about some of the other recruits; that was real good.

Legge: So how often do you talk with the coaches?

Strickland: Once every few weeks or so…

Legge: What do y'all talk about?

Strickland: They can't call me, so I will call and check up with them. I talk with Coach Callaway and see how everything is to make sure everything is alright.

Legge: What are you going to be doing during the summer? Is there going to be any need to go to any camps at all?

Strickland: I am not going to be doing any combines. I am going to the Georgia camp in July – the senior camp.

Legge: I know last year that there were some guys that committed early that went up there, and some of them did things at the camp, and others did not. Are you going to compete?

Strickland: I would like to go through the drills, and see what else is up there – compete against the guys. There is some pretty good competition up there.

Legge: How many guys do you think they will have commitments from by that time?

Strickland: Probably ten maybe… Right after that camp--we'll get a lot of them right after that camp. That's when a lot of them will start to show interest, because you get to see the campus. That's when I started showing interest.

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