Dawgs of the World Unite

Not since 1994 have we had the opportunity to inflict injury on so many rivals, never have we accomplished it. Time waits on no one; now is the time for GEORGIA!

By about now, some 60 days away, we will have seen probably 3 quarters of the (select your own personal favorite Clemson slur) game. Go there now....How are you feeling?

The preparations for War have been laid, the campaign a difficult one. Our first test an intriguing one, and our only opportunity to hone the edges of our TEETH.

Our 'DAWGS OF WAR', bristling with the pent-up rage that is only ours, are equipped to overwhelm the inferior forces arrayed against us. Their training has made them strong, with great endurance, and there are many. We will attack with many, and upon as many fronts as possible, a weary foe is a beaten foe. 

While we will face ten opponents in a row, seven we know WELL. To know one's enemy as well as yourself is the key to his defeat. Of the three we face that additional intelligence is required, only the ironically named Crimson Tide present a serious challenge, for we must fight upon their soil. The trip to Columbia is critical,
but they cannot withstand our fury!

No foe is without his weaknesses, nor are we. Our greatest War will be that of attrition to our own, for the ability of reserves to maintain what is required to succeed is the key. As we can only surmise and plan for contingencies, we feel that only a catastrophe that defies any ability to account for could inhibit our march to the Ultimate Prize.

The key to our prospects lies here, deep within the confines of this facility. It is the element that shall empower us to overcome any foe. It is that which is unbeknownst by any we must face, it is 'The Ultimate Weapon'.

Our ENEMIES have enjoyed watching Georgia struggle through the post-Dooley years, cited our coaching changes as as evidence of weakness and used it against us in recruiting, and used our optimism to pummel us. Our foes call us 'the legends in our own minds'.....GRRRRRRRRRR!

Fellow Dawgs, to unleash 'The Ultimate Weapon', the DAWGS OF THE WORLD UNITE! Every Dawg has it within him/her self to affirm THE POWER OF THE DAWG! Every SINGLE, SOLITARY DAWG SHALL JOIN FORCES, A TOTALLY UNITED DAWGNATION, intent on eliminating the URNGE! It is our plague, our ultimate ENEMY, and it's DEFEAT is our ticket to gaining The Prize!

Those Dawgs still living in the past must be turned. You either know them or see their posts on the boards; it is this segment that cannot SEE THE BIG DAWG EATING! We must OPEN THEIR EYES, free them from the shackles of DOUBT, instill THE POWER OF THE DAWG into their conscience.

We stand today hopeful and resilient, confident of our abilities, ready for BATTLE! Bring on the kitties, this DAWG IS HUNGRY!

Not since 1994 have we had the opportunity to inflict  injury on so many rivals, never have we accomplished it. Time waits on no one, now is the time for GEORGIA! What we do this season will govern our National perception for the next few seasons, how Head Coach Mark Richt plays his hand will be the sub-plot, his stated mission to CREATE DOMINANCE!


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