Dawgs visiting Paige today

Ahmad Paige, a big-time wide receiver from Louisiana, has narrowed down his list of offers and Georgia is in his top four.

In the recent past Paige has named Florida State at the top of his list of schools, and he said nothing this time to change that. But he did narrow his possible college choices to four: the Seminoles, as well as Georgia, Miami and in-state LSU.

He also mentions in this interview that Georgia receivers coach John Eason will visit his school tomorrow to watch him practice. Paige has some of the best break-away speed in the South.

Quentin Grant: Last time we talked you said you had offers from a lot of schools including ACC and SEC schools. Have you received any other offers in the past few weeks?

Ahmad Paige: Yeah, I don't remember exactly what I told you but I got Ole Miss, Tennessee, Miami and some other small schools.

Grant: You said you had started to narrow it down and you mentioned LSU, Arkansas, Florida State, Oklahoma State, and Georgia among your many offers. Have you put any more thought into narrowing your list down some more?

Paige: Well I have narrowed them down more. Right now I've got LSU, Georgia, Florida State, and Miami right now.

Grant: And that's your top four right now?

Paige: Yes.

Grant: What do you like the most about Georgia? What make them stand out to you?

Paige: To be honest with you I love their coaching staff. Their coaching staff is great and they got a real family oriented team. It's just a phenomenal program. Mark Richt came from Florida State. I love their coaching staff, I love the way he calls plays.

Grant: Who is recruiting you for Georgia?

Paige: Coach Eason is recruiting me.

Grant: Do you like Coach Eason?

Paige: Yes, I do. To be honest with you I just got off the phone with him about an hour ago. He was getting on a plane now, and he was going to be here tomorrow.

Grant: So he's coming to see you tomorrow?

Paige: Well he's going to be at the school.

Grant: He can't talk with you right now, but I guess he's coming to see your coach tomorrow?

Paige: Yes, he's coming to see my coach and he's coming to see me practice.

Grant: So you guys are in Spring Practice right now?

Paige: Yes.

Grant: What's your high school team looking like this year?

Paige: It's not looking good right now. Today was the first day we went out in pads. I was standing by one of the coaches he said the team was looking kind of thin. I told him it was looking kind of small. Because last year all of our offensive linemen were like 6-5, 6-6, 6-7. We had some big guys, and now I think I'm the tallest person on offense.

Grant: Are you planning on taking all of your official visits before making a commitment?

Paige: Yes sir, that's my plan. I want to but, I was talking to a friend with a lot of experience with college recruiting. He told me I might want to think about committing a little early. Try to commit at the end of the summer. He said you weren't really guaranteed a scholarship if you wait too long because (schools) might get a certain amount of receivers. I thought about that for a little bit, but I kind of want to wait a little while and review all of my options.

Watch Ahmad Paige here:

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