National Hot 100 Dawg Legacy Talks Recruiting

Morgan Burnett is one of the top prospects in the Peach State and across the Country. He is the younger brother of former Georgia Bulldog Cap Burnett and a star at North Clayton High School. Burnett has a bright future ahead of him, and he talks a little recruiting with

Morgan Burnett of North Clayton High School is a member of the initial National Hot 100 for the Class of 2007. A two way star, Burnett had 100 tackles and five interceptions on defense, but he didn't get caught up trying to keep up with his offensive numbers.

"I know what I had on defense, but Coach Shockley has my offensive numbers," said Burnett of his coach and the father of's SEC Player of the Year D.J. Shockley. "Most of the schools that I've talked to have talked to me about defense and safety. That's what I want to play."

Yesterday was the first day that college coaches could call prospects, and predictably, several were in touch with Burnett. 

"Tulane was the first school to call me. I also got calls from Tennessee, South Carolina, Memphis, and Mississippi State."

Burnett has visited two schools on his own this spring.

"I went to Florida for their Spring Game. It's nice there. I got to talk with the coaches, and they were really cool. They were telling me that it's a good program and how good they work with the school and the education."

"I went to Georgia's Junior Day. I went there for the Boise State game last year too. I got to meet Coach Richt, Coach Garner, Coach Martinez, and the whole staff. I liked it there too."

With a former Bulldog in the family, has Burnett gotten any advice from big brother?

"He's just telling me to take on all my options and see what is best for me. He's been pretty laid back. There hasn't been any pressure at all from him."

Burnett is going to have as many options as he wants in front of him, Does he have an inkling of where he would like to go next year?

"I haven't really even thought about it a whole lot yet. I'm trying to get ready for the State Track meet right now. I pulled my hamstring a little bit, but I'm doing the triple jump next week at State. I'm going to try and set up my camp visits soon for this summer, but I don't really know who I'm looking at right now."

Burnett might now know who he is looking at right now, but there is a simple answer to the question "who is looking at him?"


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