Dewberry to enroll in June

ATHENS – Georgia has been waiting a long time for one prize linebacker to arrive on campus – they won't have to wait much longer.

Darius Dewberry will enroll at Georgia this June, according to the Ft. Valley native. Dewberry spent the last school year getting his grades in order at Hargrave Military Academy while also playing football. Dewberry's time at Hargrave will allow him to enroll as a freshman.

"I made the Honor Roll this past quarter, and I am on pace to do it again this quarter, too," Dewberry said clearing up any ambiguity about his eligibility. "I made all As and one B."

Dewberry failed to qualify academically in 2005 after signing with the Bulldogs. He was one of the top recruits in the South, and Georgia could have used him last season to sure up their linebacker corps, which lost two players last season due to off-the-field incidents.

"I know I can't mess up on my grades any more," Dewberry added acknowledging his importance to Georgia.

The former Peach County standout says he learned some very valuable lessons while at Hargrave.

"I learned how to study, and how to get my work done," he said. "Also, we played some stiffer competition on the football field than what I face in high school."

Dewberry said he wants to pattern his time in Athens after fellow graduates that have had success in Athens.

"I always look at guys like Danny Ware and Leonard Pope – we have pictures of them in the hallways – that's the sort of success I want to have," he said. Pope was drafted last weekend by the Arizona Cardinals in the 2006 NFL Draft, and Ware has spent his time at Georgia as one of the program's top two running backs.

Dewberry, who rates as a five-star linebacker, said he looks forward to finally playing in Athens.

"It's a great program. I can't want to get started there," he said.

Dewberry will likely lineup at outside linebacker for the Bulldogs. He says he is eager to play when his time comes.

"I think I can come in and play. There are no guarantees that I am going to start, but I think with the work ethic I have I will play – and I am going into it thinking I will play. I'm sure I can fill in for Brandon Miller whenever he gets tired. He's got more ability than me, but I think I can pick up where he left off at," a humble Dewberry said.

"I am ready to play. I am ready to do everything they ask of me. I am ready to give 100%," he concluded.

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