Dunn That (but not that often)

Senior Matthew Dunn hit his 3rd career home run in a 7-5 win over South Carolina on Saturday. The 2nd baseman has not hit a homer since the first game of the year last season, that's over 100 Bulldog games. He also helped out with all the little things such as sacrifice bunts and walks. Everything counts as the Bulldogs have now won 6 in a row and are now 12-11 in SEC action. Georgia concludes their 3-game series vs South Carolina on Sunday at 1:00 pm. After the game, Matthew Dunn talked to me.

Dave McMahon -- What was the pitch that you hit your first home run of the season and what was it like when you were circling the bases?

Matthew Dunn -- It was a fastball. Earlier in the count I was supposed to hit the ball for a hit and run, but it didn't work. So I am glad I hit the home run. I was in shock, I did not think it was gone. It was a TV game, so I think my mother taped it back home.

DM -- What did your teammates say when you got back to the dugout?

MD -- They said, that's it and that I matched my quota for homers in a year.

DM -- You also have been getting more walks and laying down sacrifice bunts more, is doing all the little things just as rewarding?

MD -- I think so. I have been seeing a lot more pitches now and it is having a direct effect on how I am swinging at the ball.

DM -- A lot of attention has gone to the 1-2 hitters, Jonathan Wyatt and Joey Side lately, but the 8-9 hitters, Ryan Peisel and yourself have been hitting lately as well.

MD -- Well a good team hits from the top of the lineup to the bottom.

DM -- It is nice to be winning again, isn't it... especially at home?

MD -- Yes it is. I knew we were capable of this. We are playing real well lately and it has been showing up as wins.

DM -- Thank you and good luck tomorrow as well.

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