Davis to add depth on offensive line in 2006

Quentin Grant recently spoke with Class of 2006 signee Chris Davis. Davis said he is looking forward to being a part of Georgia's program in 2006.

Quentin Grant: How have things been going for you since signing day?

Chris Davis: Pretty good, I'm playing baseball right now, and depending on how our team does tomorrow night we could end up being anywhere from first to third depending on this one game.

Grant: What position do you play in baseball?

Davis: Well I was a pitcher, but I hurt my arm. I strained some ligaments, and I can't pitch any more.

Grant: Are you the designated hitter or anything else right now?

Davis: I'm DHing and playing first base.

Grant: Have you been doing anything to get ready for Georgia, or are you just concentrating on baseball right now?

Davis: Actually, I'm lifting weights as hard as ever. Georgia is first on my priority list right now.

Grant: Have you added or cut any weight?

Davis: I'm about 270 right now.

Grant: Is that where the coaches wanted you at?

Davis: They never told me what to do, but I went down to the Spring Game. They asked me and I told them. They said to just stay right there. So what I'm trying to do now is turn the fat into muscle.

Grant: So you feel like 270 is a good weight for you?

Davis: Yes sir.

Grant: You mentioned the Spring Game, what did you think about it?

Davis: I had fun. We got to stand on the sidelines, and meet a lot of the players I hadn't met already. I met most of them, but I met players in the incoming class.

Grant: When do you plan on heading up to Athens?

Davis: As soon as I can, June 7 is when classes start. I'm thinking about heading down there on June 4. I'm not sure when they want us down there.

Grant: Are you looking forward to it?

Davis: Yes sir I am.

Grant: Are you doing a workout that Georgia gave you or are you working out on your own right now?

Davis: I'm doing it on my own. I never received a workout from them. I have last year's nutrient plan, but I have not received a workout.

Grant: What type of diet are you following right now, have you changed your diet at all?

Davis: No sir I haven't.

Grant: Do you feel like you have a chance at getting on the field this year?

Davis: Well I asked Coach Callaway what position I would be playing and he said split tackle. I asked him if he expected me to redshirt this year. He said we don't want any freshman coming in with the mindset of redshirtting. He said I want you to come in expecting to play and practice and let the cards fall where they may. I would love to play, that would be great. Plus me long snapping is a plus too. I can long snap, so that is an extra way of getting on the field. But I'm going to try my hardest to be on the line this year.

Grant: Is Coach Callaway the main guy you talk to from the staff?

Davis: I still talk to my recruiting coach a lot, Coach Jancek, but when I'm down there I talk to Coach Callaway a lot. That is my position coach.

Grant: What do you think about Coach Callaway?

Davis: I love him. He won't beat around the bush with you. He will be honest, and I like that in a coach.

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