Will Make You Jump, Jump

Track star Patricia Sylvester dominates in not one, not two, but three events for the Georgia Bulldogs. The Senior from Grenada excels in the high jump, long jump and the triple jump. Last year in the outdoor season she was an All-American in the high jump and earlier this year during the indoor season she was an All-American in the triple jump. This weekend the SEC Championships are in Arkansas and I am glad she found time to talk to me before she jumped over there.

Dave McMahon -- Being from Grenada, how much did you know about the University of Georgia?

Patricia Sylvester -- I did not know anything about Georgia when I grew up. I grew up in the Caribbean and then went to Central Arizona College. It was there that I heard about Georgia and the great competition they have in the southern states. I knew I wanted to go to school down there.

DM -- Some people excel in one or two sports, you excel in three sports... how did you get started in three?

PS -- In the Caribbean, I only did the high jump and the long jump. When I was in Arizona I wanted to try to the triple jump because it looked funny. I did good at it, so I started competing in it.

DM -- Which event do you like the best?

PS -- I like the triple jump because it is less strain on me and it is more fun.

DM -- Which event do you do best at?

PS -- It changes from week to week.

DM -- Last year, you had good distances here, but this year you are doing so much better... why is that?

PS -- I am more relaxed. It took me awhile to get to know my teammates. I am more comfortable now when I compete.

DM -- What do you like the most about Coach Wayne Norton?

PS -- He is a great motivator. He always makes everyone feel better about themselves.

DM -- Thank you and good luck in the SEC's.

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