Wilson "Getting the Playbook Down Pat"

Class of 2006 signee Tony Wilson provides Dawg Post with an update on what's been going on with him since signing day and when he will be heading to Athens.

Quentin Grant: How have things been going for you since signing day?

Tony Wilson: Just getting bigger, stronger and faster.

Grant: Have you put on any muscle?

Wilson: Yeah, I was 175 and I've gained nine pounds I'm 184.

Grant: Are you using the workout the school provided or are you doing your own thing?

Wilson: I'm really doing my own thing, because the workout they sent me, we don't have any of the equipment that I needed in the workout plan.

Grant: When are you planning on heading up to Athens?

Wilson: I plan to go on June 3.

Grant: Are you looking forward to going?

Wilson: Oh yes, no doubt.

Grant: Do you see yourself as having a chance at getting on the field next year?

Wilson: Yeah, it's in my program to get in and start learning these plays and the names of the plays and what all three receivers do, not just the position they want me to play. I'm getting the playbook down pat so that when I get up there the coaches will say he's being doing his job studying the playbook because he knows where to go off the top.

Grant: Which of the coaches do you hear from the most?

Wilson: Really since signing day I haven't really communicated with them, but the one I talk to the most is Coach Mike Bobo.

Grant: Do you like Coach Bobo?

Wilson: Oh yeah, that's my boy.

Grant: What do you like the most about him?

Wilson: Everything, he's down to Earth, he's young, and he understands the football world.

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