To Protect and Serve

Jeff Wallace knows tennis. Even more Jeff Wallace knows Georgia tennis. He played under the legendary Dan Magill and won the SEC singles title in 1984. He has been the head coach of the Georgia's women's team for 21 seasons. He won 2 NCAA Team titles and 5 SEC Titles. He is also one of two women's tennis coaches to be named National Coach of the Year three times. On Friday, he begins the quest for another title as his team faces Indiana in Nashville, Tennessee. This week Jeff found time to talk.

Dave McMahon -- The Georgia's women's tennis team is now playing in their 20th consecutive NCAA Tournament... all under you... that is a great accomplishment...

Jeff Wallace -- This team is excited to represent Georgia and I am glad to be part of it. I played here and graduated here and want the best for the school.

DM -- Compared to some of the seasons in the past, the team has experienced their share of ups and downs... would you agree?

JW -- I think this a great team. We have learned a lot and we have played some of our best tennis towards the end of the season.

DM -- The team is playing Indiana, a school that Georgia has not played since 1995. Is it an advantage since they haven't seen you play or a disadvantage since you haven't seen them play?

JW -- It's equal. It's not an advantage nor disadvantage. We both know what the other team is like.

DM -- You are playing in Nashville, a place where you have had success in the past, but not this year... is this a place where you enjoy playing?

JW -- It's a nice facility. Last time we played there we played a great match. We were beating Vanderbilt and then it started raining and we had to play indoors and then they beat us.

DM -- What are the team's strengths this year?

JW -- We have a great lineup. Every girl has shined at one time or another. We play good doubles and Natalie Frazier is having a great year.

DM -- Explain how good Natalie Frazier is?

JW -- She is real good. She is out there everyday giving 100% every time. She is always go-go-go when she plays. Also, off the court, she is a great person and has a great heart.

DM -- This is your 21st season as head coach, how has women's tennis changed since you took over?

JW -- It has grown a lot. There are so many more good teams and so many more good players now. The level is very high now and it is very exciting.

DM -- Thank you for your time and good luck for a 3rd NCAA Title.

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