Gamble ready where ever Dawgs need him

Darryl Gamble, one of several linebackers signed in the 2006 class, discusses his preparations before coming to Georgia.

Quentin Grant: Have you been working out hard since you signed?

Darryl Gamble: Yes sir, I've gained five pounds.

Grant: So that puts you up to about 220?

Gamble: It puts me at 223.

Grant: Have you used the workout plan from the school or have you been doing your own workout?

Gamble: Yes sir. I've been doing a little of what I had been doing before, and working in some of the stuff they sent me.

Grant: When are you planning on heading up to Athens?

Gamble: June 2.

Grant: You looking forward to it?

Gamble: Yes sir, I'm going to summer school up there and take a couple of classes.

Grant: Have you set any goals for yourself before you report?

Gamble: Really just to play. I just want to play and make the team better.

Grant: Do you see yourself getting on the field next year?

Gamble: Really they say I have a good chance. The linebacker depth is not the deep so I might be able to work in a little bit.

Grant: Is one of your goals to play next year?

Gamble: It depends on what happens during the summer time. I want to play, but wherever they need me that's what I will do.

Grant: Which of the coaches do you hear from the most?

Gamble: Coach Callaway

Grant: Do you like Coach Callaway?

Gamble: Yes sir, he's cool and he tells me what I need to hear. He's straightforward and all that. So he's getting me right.

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