Catching Up

Senior Jason Jacobs has started 64 career games at catcher, 34 games as the designated hitter, 29 games at 2nd base and 20 games at 3rd base. This year however, Jason has found his home at well... at home. So far this season, he has started 46 out the Bulldogs 48 games as the catcher. His offense has improved, too. Entering this season, he had a .285 career average, this year he is batting .318. He is also a leader on and off the field and with Auburn coming up he tells me a whole lot more.

Dave McMahon -- Big game last night, but now you have 3 big games this weekend vs Auburn, the team has swept the last 2 SEC series, what is the team doing differently now?

Jason Jacobs -- We are playing as a team. Everyone is contributing. Our pitching staff, starters and relievers are pitching much better. Our hitters are doing great, too. No one hitter is getting the clutch hits, everyone is getting them.

DM -- As a senior, you have seen this before, it seems like every year you start slow and do great towards the end?

JJ -- It seems that way. We are glad that we are getting hot now and we need to keep it that way.

DM -- The starting pitching has been great the last two SEC series, what has been going on with them?

JJ -- Mickey and Brooks are doing great. Lately Nathan Moreau is pitching more like a veteran. Last Sunday vs South Carolina, he was amazing. I think he could have possibly completed the game, but he got roughed up a little in the 9th... I talked to him on the mound and told him now that classes are over, technically you are not a freshman anymore.

DM -- So you are taking the role as leader of them?

JJ -- One of them. I just like teaching by example.

DM -- You are hitting a lot better this season, too...

JJ -- I feel like I am contributing a lot more this season. The whole team is contributing, if one of us doesn't we "pass the rope" and the person behind us contributes.

DM -- With two more SEC series in the regular season, how do you keep your intensity?

JJ -- We just got to play our game. We are back in the hunt for the SEC and we all just got to play hard at all aspects.

DM -- Thank you for your time and good luck the rest of the way.

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