400 and Counting...

Georgia's men's tennis team defeated Furman 4-0 in the first round of the NCAA Tournament, but the win was a milestone for head coach Manuel Diaz. The 4-time SEC Coach of the Year recorded career win number 400. The 400 wins is 2nd place at Georgia behind the legendary Dan Magill's 706. On Sunday Manuel Diaz can go after win number 401 in a 2nd round match vs Georgia Tech. The match begins at 2:00 pm in Athens. After the first round win, Coach Diaz had time to talk to me.

Dave McMahon -- Big first round win today... what are your overall thoughts on the match?

Manuel Diaz -- It was a good win for the team. We haven't played in 3 weeks and I was afraid we would be a little rusty, but we remained focussed and won. Furman played a good match. They are a lot better than the first time we played them this year back in February.

DM -- Any player standout for you today?

MD -- A lot of players played well. I think John (Isner) played really well on singles... and he and Ruiz were also very good in doubles.

DM -- Colin Purcell played doubles, but not singles... is he ok?

MD -- About 3-4 days ago, he hurt his elbow. It is feeling a little better now, but we held him out. We are counting on him to play tomorrow in both doubles and singles.

DM -- Georgia Tech is your next opponent, you defeated them earlier this season... tell me about them?

MD -- They have a solid lineup. Up and down they are very scrappy. They are also are very good at the net.

DM -- You have 400 career wins, Dan Magill had 706... do you have 306 more in you?

MD -- No, no, I started too late. I just want to keep winning with this team. I am very proud of how this team plays.

DM -- Thank you and good luck in the rest of the tournament.

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