Good Knight

Courtney Knight has been a key component for the Georgia Bulldogs ever since she arrived to the team 4 years ago. The senior from Lithonia is currently 2nd on the Bulldogs in hitting with a .368 average. She also ranks in the top 5 in several career categories at Georgia including highest average, most hits, doubles, triples and runs batted in. The Dawgs are looking for their first ever College World Series appearance in softball and this year might be the year, Courtney Knight tells me why.

Dave McMahon -- You are a senior now, this is your last chance to reach the College World Series, can this team do it?

Courtney Knight -- I think it can. We have the talent and the heart. We are the most together team that I have been apart of here, we just got to do it.

DM -- You are 12-for-27 (.444) the last 2 NCAA regionals, do you put any additional pressure on yourself in these key games?

CK -- No, I just do what I do all the time, no matter what the game situation is.

DM -- Your numbers are almost exactly the same as last year (.372 avg, 5 hr, 40 rbi in 2005: .368 avg, 4 hr, 43 rbi in 2006) how are you so consistant?

CK -- I just go to the plate and want to hit the ball hard.

DM -- This is such a good lineup, is this the best overall lineup that you have been apart of since you have been here?

CK -- I think so. We have such a good lineup. I think this lineup does a good job in intimidate opposing pitchers. We are so good all around.

DM -- Your first round opponent in the NCAA Tournament is Georgia Southern, you beat them earlier this year... what do you remember about them?

CK -- I remember not getting a hit. I struggled against them. They are a good team and you can't underestimate them.

DM -- How great is it, that Athens is the host for the first 2 rounds of the NCAA Tournament?

CK -- It is great. It is always great when you play here. Your family is here and we have a great hometown crowd.

DM -- Speaking of family, your father played professional baseball in the minors, what did he teach you?

CK -- He taught me to see it and then hit it and that's what I do. My mother also tries to teach me to hit. My parents go to all my games home or away. They are great.

DM -- Thank you for you time and good luck in the tournament.

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