Claytor still waiting for offer from Dawgs

Nick Claytor's offer list has been growing in the past weeks, but Georgia hasn't joined the bandwagon for this offensive lineman out of Gainesville yet.

Quentin Grant: When we spoke a few weeks ago, you didn't have an offer from Georgia. Have they offered yet?

Nick Claytor: No, not yet. They probably won't until I go to camp.

Grant: So, you are camping at Georgia?

Claytor: I don't know yet.

Grant: How many offers are you up to yet?

Claytor: I think I'm up to about 20 now.

Grant: Do you have any favorites as of right now?

Claytor: Yeah, it's hard because every time I get a top five another school comes in, and it's a good quality school.

Grant: Can you give me some people who stand out to you at this point in your recruiting?

Claytor: Definitely Florida State, Auburn, LSU, Georgia Tech, Clemson and schools of that nature. The larger schools are definitely standing out.

Grant: Being from Georgia, are you hoping that they offer?

Claytor: Yeah, I really do. I'm pretty sure they wanted to wait until I go to camp.

Grant: Do you have any definite plans for camps yet?

Claytor: I'm going to Ohio State June 3. I'm definitely going to Florida State, Auburn and Georgia Tech camps.

Grant: Do you have any type of timeline for committing? Are you looking at taking all of your official visits?

Claytor: Yeah, I'm going to take my visits, and I will probably commit sometime during the football season.

Watch Nick Claytor in action here:

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