Gray updates his recruiting

Logan Gray has been piling up the offers of late. See who has offered lately, and where Georgia stands in the process.

Gray is one of the top quarterbacks in the country, and seems to be one of four quarterbacks the Bulldogs are seriously targeting. rates him as a four-star prospect. Gray threw for 2169 yards, 25 touchdowns and ten interceptions in completing 135 of 233 pass attempts in 2005 as a junior.

Quentin Grant: I know you have a lot of offers. Have you had any new offers in the past two weeks?

Logan Gray: Oh yeah, I've been getting lots lately.

Grant: Can you give me some of the major offers you've gotten?

Gray: I just got in the last couple of weeks: Tennessee, Nebraska and Texas A&M.

Grant: What does that put your offer list up to? Are you to 30 offers yet?

Gray: Not quite that high. I haven't counted in the last couple of weeks. I'm up to about 15, but I may have over 20. I'm not sure.

Grant: Have you begun to pick some favorites at this point?

Gray: I'm trying to, but I've been getting a lot more offers. So there's more schools added in. I'm going to try and narrow it down some, but I haven't officially done it yet.

Grant: When do you think you will have list of favorites?

Gray: I think by the summer I'm going to have a top 7 or 8.

Grant: Does location matter to you?

Gray: No it doesn't matter to me. I'm not worried too much about that.

Grant: Do you have a conference preference?

Gray: I definitely want to play in a big-time conference like the Big 12, SEC or ACC. It will probably be one of those three I would say.

Grant: Can you tell me who's recruiting you for Georgia?

Gray: Coach Bobo. I hear from Coach Garner some too, but Coach Bobo definitely the most.

Grant: How often do you hear from him?

Gray: I usually talk to him every couple of days for sure.

Grant: So Georgia is still a school you are interested in?

Gray: Yes sir.

Grant: Have you set camp plans for the summer yet?

Gray: I haven't set any for sure. Our team is going to Vanderbilt's 7 on 7 camp. Then our team is going to Missouri's team camp. Then I'm going to try and visit as many places as I can.

Grant: Have you set any of your unofficial visits yet?

Gray: I'm going to try and get to as many places as I can. Hopefully I can make some trips and visit some places this summer. I haven't made any plans yet.

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