Power Up

Senior Ashley Godfrey is back to where she belongs. Last year she missed 28 games after breaking her wrist vs LSU and wasn't 100 % when Georgia played in the NCAA Tournament. This year she is batting .303 with 11 home runs. Ashley has 42 career home runs which is a Bulldog record. Friday night she will take aim at 43 when Georgia hosts Georgia Southern in the first round of the NCAA Tournament. This week she had a chance to talk to me.

Dave McMahon -- Being a senior, this is your last chance of getting to the world series, can this team do it?

Ashley Godfrey -- This is a real fun team to be on. We are good at all areas and we will have a great crowd supporting us.

DM -- With you back at 100 % is this the most powerful lineup that you have been a part of?

AG -- Definately. We have great lineup. We have a lot of players that can hit the ball over the fence and I think opposing pitchers know that.

DM -- There has been a lot of talk in the baseball world about Aaron, Ruth, and Bonds... do you ever think to yourself... wow I am the all-time home run leader for Georgia?

AG -- No... home runs just happen... I usually go out there and try to hit line drives.

DM -- Georgia played Georgia Southern earlier this year... what do you remember about them?

AG -- They are a team that fights every inning. You have to respect them. They also have two really good pitchers.

DM -- How excited are you that you get to play the NCAA Regionals in Athens?

AG -- I love it. It should be a huge advantage. We have huge crowds and it helps us a lot.

DM -- Last week, Tennessee won the SEC Tournament in Athens, how hard was it for you to watch them celebrate on your field?

AG -- It makes you sick. I guess that's why we had to see it... so now we want to win more. Coach divides the season into 3rd season... and now being the 3rd season... this is when it counts.

DM -- Did you graduate yet? What are you doing after the season?

AG -- Yes, I am going to grad school and major in sports management.

DM -- Thank you for your time and good luck in the NCAA's.

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