Let it Rip

Rip Warren has pitched lights out for the Georgia Bulldogs this season. He is currently 6-2 and a 3.27 ERA. He is also 2nd on the team in games pitched with 23. The senior left-hander has improved his ERA every season. 6.23 his freshman year, 4.95 his sophomore, 4.18 his junior and now it's 3.27. This weekend is a crucial series for the Bulldogs as they can win the SEC East with a sweep vs Kentucky. The series begins on Thursday, but before that Rip talked to me.

Dave McMahon -- The team has won 12 straight, how ready is the team for Kentucky?

Rip Warren -- We are very ready. We are playing really good and with a lot of confidence.

DM -- You have started a few games, but you have pitched the majority of the games in relief, which do you like better?

RW -- I just like to pitch and do what is best for the team. If the team wants me to pitch in the 2nd inning I will or if they want me to come in the 8th I will. I will come in the game whenever they want me to.

DM -- What do the pitchers talk about in the bullpen?

RW -- At home we are generally in the dugout into we are needed, but on the road we are generally focussed on the game. We are focussed on what we need to do.

DM -- I noticed a lot of the players on the team are growing beards... is that something new?

RW -- We have done it in year's past. We don't shave when we win and lately we have been winning.

DM -- Who has the best beard on the team?

RW -- Probably Matthew Dunn.

DM -- Who has the worst?

RW -- I probably have the rattiest, but I might have to say Gordon Beckham, I don't think he can grow one.

DM -- Hopefully you well continue having the beards for a long time to come.

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