Dent hopes to contribue this fall

Douglass High School linebacker Akeem Dent has hopes of making an immediate impact for Georgia in 2006.

Quentin Grant: How have things been going for you since signing day?

Akeem Dent: It's been going good.

Grant: Did you do anything in the spring such as track or baseball?

Dent: In the spring all I really did was get in the weight room a little. In track I did the long jump and triple jump.

Grant: How have the weight workouts been going for you?

Dent: Everything's been going well in my weight workouts.

Grant: Have you managed to get any stronger?

Dent: Yes, I feel myself getting stronger.

Grant: Are you using the workout from Georgia or are you doing your own thing?

Dent: Right now I have a personal trainer. I workout four to five days a week, and I go by my strength and conditioning book.

Grant: How long are your workouts?

Dent: About two hours a workout.

Grant: Have you added or cut any weight?

Dent: Right now I haven't put on that much weight. The University of Georgia just told me to worry about getting faster and stronger, and the weight would come when I get there.

Grant: What are you weighing right now?

Dent: Right now I'm 208.

Grant: When do you report to Athens?

Dent: The date that I report is June 5.

Grant: Do you have any goals for yourself as you get ready to go and once you get there?

Dent: My main goals are to go to school and get my grades up so that I won't have anything to worry about. So when I get out on the football field, I'm going to go out and compete.

Grant: Do you think you have a shot at playing time this year?

Dent: Right now I feel I may have a chance to go in and get a little playing time because of some of the injuries that Georgia had at the linebacker position. So I think there might be a good opportunity for me.

You can see Akeen Dent in the video below:

LB Akeem Dent

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