Coach Speak

Ray Goff did everything for Georgia. As a player, he led the Dawgs to a SEC title and was named SEC Player of the Year in 1976. As a head coach, he led the Dawgs to a 46-34-1 record and two bowl victories. Earlier this month I ran into him at a Georgia baseball game and we had a chance to talk about many different topics.

Dave McMahon -- What have you been doing lately?

Ray Goff -- I am living in Athens and I am involved with the Zaxby franchises and I also am involved in real estate.

DM -- When was the last time you watched a game at Sanford Stadium.

RG -- I went to the Auburn game last year, I don't go to too many games any more.

DM -- Do you talk to any of your former players much?

RG -- I talk to a lot of them. I just talked to Tim Worley recently. I also just talked to David Weeks as well... That's a big reason you coach. It is the relationship you have with your players.

DM -- Do you talk to Coach Mark Richt at all?

RG -- Every now and then. We belong to the same church. We don't talk football though.

DM -- We are watching baseball together... did you play much baseball?

RG -- I had a chance to play baseball, but I went to Georgia instead to play football. My dad played with the Yankees organization and got to Triple A before breaking his ankle

DM -- Thank you for your time and answers.

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