Future's So Bright

The Georgia Men's Golf team begins its quest to win back-to-back NCAA Titles this Wednesday. One golfer which was not on the team last year was freshman Brian Harman. Not only is Harman on the team this year, he is one of the team's best players. Earlier this season, he was named the SEC Freshman of the Year. Right before his first ever NCAA Championship, Brian Harman found time to talk.

Dave McMahon -- Being one of the new guys on the team, how great is it that you can win a championship your first year here?

Brian Harman -- It is great. We have a great chance to become one of the greatest golf teams all-time.

DM -- What are the seniors and juniors telling you as you prepare for the championships for the first time?

BH -- They are telling me how much fun it is, but you have to work very hard to win.

DM -- What have you learned most from this coaching staff?

BH -- I have matured greatly since coming here. Coach Hybl has taught me to relax more. My nickname is "Bam Bam" because I would beat my clubs, but I am much calmer now and I can think better.

DM -- Favorite memory so far as a Bulldog?

BH -- Winning the SEC Championship, hopefully you can ask me again next week.

DM -- Did you watch last year's championship on TV?

BH -- I did. I watched every minute of it. I was cheering on Georgia to whole time.

DM -- Thank you and good luck in the NCAA's.

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