SEC Meetings: News and Notes

DESTIN, FL – The NCAA gave final approval Tuesday to adding a coach's challenge to instant replay in college football. Vanderbilt coach Bobby Johnson is not impressed. "It's idiotic," Johnson said here Tuesday on the opening day of the Southeastern Conference's spring meetings. "They review every play already. Why would I ask them to look at it again?"

Division I-A coaches now can throw a challenge flag once during a game to request a play be reviewed, but only if they have a timeout at the time. If a team loses its challenges, it also will lose a timeout.

Georgia coach Mark Richt is cautiously optimistic about the change but worries about having enough information to make an informed decision about when to use his challenge.

"I wish I had an idea when to throw the darn thing," he said.

Several SEC coaches admitted they tried last year to call timeouts in hopes officials would use the extra time to take a closer look at a particular play. Last year was the first year of instant replay in college football.

"I think it's a good change because I think it gives the coaches a sense of participating more in that process," said Rogers Redding, the SEC's first-year director of football officials.

BIG NAMES: Georgia's basketball team will play Wake Forest in Winston-Salem, N.C., Gonzaga in Philips Arena and Wisconsin in Stegeman Coliseum next year, Coach Dennis Felton said Tuesday. The Demon Deacons will play Georgia in Athens in 2007-2008.

BROWSING THE WEB: Georgia, like many schools in the league, has recently taken an interest in what its student-athletes are doing on the Internet.

Schools around the country are becoming more and more aware of the Web after several schools have been embarrassed by photos posted by athletes on personal sites.

In the last month, at the prodding of director of football operations Steve Greer, Georgia officials have checked the personal and sites of every football player.

"We had some people look at every guy out there," Richt said. "Anything we saw that was even questionable, we had them yank it off there. We're just trying to beat (the media) to the punch."

The Bulldogs don't yet have a team policy regarding Internet sites, but will come up with one in the coming months, Richt said. Several schools are considering adding one.

"You have to balance between freedom of speech and somewhere in there you are going to be embarrassed," Tennessee coach Phil Fulmer said.

MEMBERS ONLY: South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier has no desire to join Augusta National Golf Club, he said Tuesday, but it has nothing to do with former Bulldog Billy Payne rising to head the club. Spurrier has played two rounds at Augusta as a member.

"They don't talk much football there," he said.

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