Georgia's Top Prospect for 2008?

Analyzing recruits is two-fold. On one side you have players that you find that nobody really knows about, then you have the A.J. Harmon type prospects. As soon as you see him, you just know. Harmon who is a two-way lineman from Jefferson County High in Louisville, Ga., and he is about impressive as a sophomore in high school can be.

During our Georgia Tech combine after working with A.J. Harmon for two hours, imagine the astonishment when I found out he was only a sophomore. I was not totally sold until I recently watched his film. I personally would be surprised if Harmon at 6-foot-5 and 300 pounds, is not one of the most highly sought after recruits in the Class of 2008. Question is on which side of the ball?

The Skinny: Harmon is a very quiet and unassuming young man, byt when it comes to football he is a different animal. On defense, Harmon is very quick off the ball and is very powerful. The first thing I thought of watching film, was this is not normal for a kid his size to move this well. You could easily see him as a Marcus Stroud or Richard Seymour type defensive tackle. My gut tells me his future lies on offense. Harmon is a devastating run-blocker and one of the most adept pass protectors you will see for his age. When you watch film after the RB gets the ball you can basically go to the next clip, after two-three yards the offensive lineman no longer is in view, but with Harmon you will see him still driving his man downfield at ten, fifteen and a few times twenty yards deep.

On this first set of clips you will see Harmon wearing No. 75 and spending most of his time in the opponents back field. He lines up at end, and he's not hard to find, because he's the biggest guy on the field making all the plays.

#75 DT A.J. Harmon Video 1

In this the second set of clips, you will see Harmon again wearing No. 75. Harmon will be playing right offensive tackle, take note of the explosiveness and his quick feet.

#75 OT A.J. Harmon Video 1

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