Ward to arrive in Athens in July

Georgia had a top five recruting class last season and Na Derris Ward, one of the nation's top tight ends from last season, was one reason why. In this interview he discusses how things have been going since signing day and when he will be reporting to Georgia.

Quentin Grant: How have things been going for you since you signed with Georgia?

Na Derris Ward: Wonderful, nothing much has changed for the most part. I mean it's thrilling to be a part of a program like that.

Grant: Did you participate in any spring sports?

Ward: Actually I played basketball earlier in the year, and I played baseball.

Grant: Have you been getting in the weight room?

Ward: Yeah, I've been lifting and trying to get a little training in. Except for a little set back from a minor injury that I had.

Grant: Have you been able to add or cut any weight?

Ward: I believe I lost a little actually.

Grant: What are you weighing right now?

Ward: About 235 sir.

Grant: When are you planning on heading to Athens?

Ward: I don't get out of school until the end of June. So I will probably be heading down in July.

Grant: Are you looking forward to going?

Ward: Oh yes sir, definitely. I told my family and friends around here everyday that I can't wait to get down to Athens. It's a wonderful place to be, and I just have been trying to build a relationship with my teammates, the professors in the architecture department, and my coaches. I can't wait to get down there.

Grant: What are some goals you set for yourself once you get to Athens?

Ward: Coming in as a freshman I really want to take it slow and work hard. Hopefully there is a possibility for me to get on the field and play. I definitely want to go out there and try and play. I want to compete at the highest level possible and just work as a freshman.

Grant: Which of the coaches do you hear from the most?

Ward: Coach Johnson, the tight ends coach.

Grant: What do you like about him?

Ward: He's a wonderful man. Like I said I'm getting to know him personally right now. It's beyond a coaching level, we're just building as friends instead of a coach looking at one of his players. He's a real down to earth person, and I love talking to him.

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