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This is David Perno's 5th season as the Georgia's baseball head coach and his 3rd time he has taken the Bulldogs into the NCAA Tournament. In Perno's 1st season, the Dawgs lost in the regionals in Atlanta. In 2004, the Dawgs won the regional and the super regional, and both were in Athens. On Friday, the regionals begin again and they are in Athens and before they start Coach Perno talked to me.

Dave McMahon -- The team got good news this week as they received a #7 national seed...

David Perno -- This is very good for the program and it's a tribute on how hard the kids worked all year. Hopefully this will pay dividends on how the team plays on the field.

DM -- And it is great having the regionals at home...

DP -- It is great. We have done very well in past regionals here.

DM -- Your first opponent is Sacred Heart... they come in with a 7-game win streak... what else can you tell me about them?

DP -- We worry more about what we do. If we play hard, we can play with anybody. I expect them to play hard as well.

DM -- Florida State is also in your regional, Mike Martin has won over 1,400 career games... does he ever slow down?

DP -- He is one of the best ever, if not the best ever.

DM -- Are you throwing your normal rotation or mixing it up?

DP -- It's the same. Mickey (Westphal) in Game 1 and then Brooks Brown and so on. They have been struggling, but they are what got us here.

DM -- Except for the Vanderbilt games, the team has been really hitting well...

DP -- We are hitting with a lot of confidence now. Coach Sisson has been doing great and we are now stringing these hits together and scoring a lot of runs.

DM -- They hit well, but (Joey) Side and (Josh) Morris didn't drive a lot of runs, does this show how dangerous your lineup can be?

DP -- We have great balance. We have production everywhere from our 1 through 6 hitters and our 7 through 9 hitters. That is the key.

DM -- Do you remember your first NCAA Tournament as a player?

DP -- I only played in one, back in 1990. The whole format is different, it is a whole lot bigger now.

DM -- Thank you for your time and good luck in the NCAA's.

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