Dawgs force winner-take all: News and Notes

ATHENS – Georgia coach David Perno couldn't explain his eighth-inning argument with home plate umpire Don Novak. He barely understood it himself. "I don't know," Perno said. "Obviously, it's not the explanation you are looking for in that situation."

The disagreement came after Novak inexplicably stood directly in front of home plate as Georgia's Ryan Peisel was trying to score. Peisel ran around home plate to avoid Novak and then was tagged out by Florida State catcher Danny Diaz.

Novak quickly pointed to Peisel and motioned emphatically that he was safe. After Seminoles' coach Mike Martin came out of the dugout to argue, the officiating crew conferred and reversed the call.

"The ball is live and the runners advance at their own risk so the result of the play stands," crew chief Joe Burleson explained. "The crew got together and determined that was the right call per the rulebook."

Perno didn't dispute the right call was ultimately made but was upset that first call was reversed. However, he quickly jumped to the defense of the umpiring crew.

"It's a very good crew," he said. "It was a bad situation, but they have done a great job all weekend."

PITCHING MATCHUP: Trevor Holder will be Georgia's third straight freshman starter when he takes the mound tonight against Florida State. He'll be opposed by either senior right-hander Mark Sauls (1-2, 5.71 ERA) or senior left-hander Barret Browning (7-2, 5.72) for the Seminoles.

None of the starting pitchers will be in the game long if they struggle.

"We'll have a quick hook," Perno said. "You have to in this situation."

Holder (3-3, 5.51) got the call from Perno because he throws a lot of strikes, Perno said.

QUOTABLE: Fifth-year Georgia senior Kyle Keen came on in the eighth inning as a pinch hitter and singled and scored. The at-bat made no difference in the outcome of the game, but it did set up the best quote of the evening.

Perno calls Keen "Ol' Yeller" because of the player's seniority and a history of injuries that have hindered his career.

"Just when you think you're going to have to take him out back and shoot him, he comes in and does something special," Perno said.

GAME ONE: Freshman starter Nathan Moreau pitched eight innings and gave up eight runs to get the win in Georgia's 15-8 win over Jacksonville in Sunday's first game.

"He ate up inning for us," Perno said. "We needed it"

TICKETS: Tickets for today's game can be purchased today starting at 8:30 p.m. at the UGA Athletic Association ticket office located in the Butts-Mehre building. Tickets, which range from $10 for reserved seating to $6 for children, also are available by phone at (877) 542-1231.

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