Focused Firmly On Senior Season

When rolled out it's Hot 100 earlier this week, the number one cornerback on the board was Georgia's Eric Berry. With his size and speed it's hard to think of a more worthy candidate and we caught up with Eric on Tuesday afternoon for his reaction.

"It's good but I still realize there are things I have to do to get better. I'm still going to work hard and I'm still going to be in the weight room all the time. It's good but it's not where I want to be yet," Eric Berry said.

For now, he's still remaining quiet when it comes to listing favorites.

"No favorites still. I have to sit down with my coach and my dad and we're going to figure out that soon. My dad works a lot so it's hard."

Berry won't camp anywhere this summer either as he devotes his full attention to his Seminole teammates.

"I'm not doing any camps this year. I just want to settle down with my team and get our chemistry together. They've had to do a lot of things without me."

After a nagging ankle injury that bothered Berry all of last year and eventually caused him to miss the second half of Creekside's playoff defeat, it's no wonder why he wants to be completely focused on his final season of high school football.

"I twisted my ankle early in the year and I couldn't do everything I wanted to on the field with it like that. Then I twisted it real bad in our playoff game and couldn't go anymore and they came back to beat us. It's a lot of motivation to me but we had other players on our team out with ACL injuries all year so that just told me I needed to suck it up and be thankful I could even play most of the year."

Eric will take an even bigger leadership role with the Seminole's in 2006 and he has one ultimate goal in mind.

"This year I expect myself to get in the habit of going hard every play and motivating others to play to their maximum potential. Just get the team on the same thinking plan and do what we have to do to win state."

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