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Senior Matthew Dunn's numbers are deceiving. He is batting just .265. In the NCAA Tournament, he turned it on, batting .294 and had 3 rbi and 3 runs scored. He also made 0 errors. For his efforts he was named to the NCAA Athens Regional All-Tournament team. The NCAA Super Regional starts on Saturday and he is looking to do even better, but first I had a chance to talk to him.

Dave McMahon -- This team is just 2 wins away from Omaha, are you ready?
Matthew Dunn -- This is it. In 2004 when Georgia made it to the College World Series, I was playing for Virginia. So I want it bad.

DM -- If Virginia would have won the regional, you would be playing them... how much did you want that?

MD -- That would have been cool. I still have a lot of friends on that team.

DM -- But instead you are playing South Carolina, tell me about them...

MD -- They are scary. They have such a great offense. They are capable of having 5,6,7 run innings.

DM -- The team is batting .310 for the season so far. Everyone is batting well as of late. The top and bottom are both contributing...

MD -- That is what we've been trying to do all year.

DM -- Since you bat 9th, do you try to make sure you get your hits as well?

MD -- Batting 9th is just a number. You have to contribute no matter where you bat. When I played at Virginia, I batted 2nd during my freshman year and batted 5th during my sophomore year.

DM -- The team has been playing great defense, too...

MD -- That is what you need to do to win. Play offense and defense. We have also have been getting good pitching.

DM -- You and the rest of the seniors have to be noticing how great the freshmen have been playing?

MD -- I can't tell you how great the have been playing. The all stepped it up in the regionals especially after we got that first loss.

DM -- How about the crowd during the last few games?

MD -- I have been getting chills. It has been like a football game out there. This weekend should be even better.

DM -- Thank you and good luck vs South Carolina. Game 1 is Saturday at 11:00 am et.

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