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Rip Warren is having one heck of a senior season. The southpaw has 8 wins on the season with a 2.78 ERA, but it's been the NCAA Tournament where he is shining the most. In 5 tourney games he has a 0.87 ERA and 13 strikeouts in 10 1/3 innings and oh yeah he will be going to Omaha for the 2nd time in his career to pitch in the College World Series. After Monday's clinching win he talked to me.

Dave McMahon -- After a down junior season, this had to be one of your goals in your senior season...

Rip Warren -- This is one of our goals every season. We didn't do well last year so we really wanted it bad this season. But we have to make sure we reach our other goals, too. We knew we had to make the SEC Tournament to have a good shot of the NCAA Tournament and we did. Then we had to win regional and then the super regional and we did that, too.

DM -- This team doesn't give up...

RW -- No it doesn't. It doesn't matter what they game situation is or the score is. We feel like we can always win.

DM -- In game 3 on Monday the team scored little by little until the exploded for 7 runs in the 7th...

RW -- We knew we were going to break out one of these innings... I wish we could've done it a little earlier so I would be a little less nervous on the mound. But it was great. I think we have the best hitters around.

DM -- You've been to Omaha before... it is not OK just "getting" there, correct?

RW -- Like I said, we just got to go out there and take it each game at a time.

DM -- What do you remember about Omaha?

RW -- It has only been a few years since we went, but I remember it well. The crowd, the atmosphere, the competition... all of it is the best.

DM -- Do you wish you can bring some of this Foley Field crowd with you?

RW -- I am sure some of them will go. The Georgia fans were great all game long. They were great all year long.

DM -- What about that ovation you got when you left the Foley Field for the last time...

RW -- It was the coolest thing that I have been a part of. I have never had that happen to me. It was tremendous.

DM -- Thank you and good luck in the College World Series.

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