CWS Day One: Opinions & Observations

OMAHA – Read Dean Legge's opinions and observations from Day One of the NCAA's College World Series. Today's games feature Clemson vs. Georgia Tech and Cal State Fullerton vs. North Carolina. Legge also talks about Georgia's trip to Omaha.

Coming into Omaha – if you have never been here – is quite different than the South. There are not a lot of hills or mountains; it's pretty much flat land with not much to look at.

Last night all eight teams were introduced to 18,000 (amazing) fans during the NCAA's recognition of the teams. Each team's top academic performer was given an award and then fireworks were launched.

Drug testing is also a topic in Omaha. A member of each team during the Athens Regional (as well as the other regionals around the country) were tested at a moment's notice for drugs. USA Today had a piece in yesterday's paper talking about how the NCAA rotates the testing between regionals, super regional and the CWS. There have been no reported positive drug tests this season.

Georgia Tech's Whit Robbins and his brother Matt, from Georgia, were on the front page of Friday Morning's Omaha World Leader. From all accounts the pair of brothers are the first to oppose one another in CWS history.

There are times when you look up from the press box in Omaha, which is a very nice press box, and think that you are at Disney's Epcot Center. The local zoo's desert dome keeps the climate controlled for various animals on display.

People were lined up before 10 AM local time just to get into the stadium. Clemson was warming up two hours before the came and there were probably 1,000 people in outfield seating.

One unknown factor that could play havoc with teams with weekend (if not the entire week) is the week. Its hot is Omaha (about 88 degrees), but the most noticeable thing thus far is the wind that is blowing hard from right field to left field. In the morning all flags in the stadium were steadily flowing to the left.

The sickest pitcher out here – Cal State Fullerton's Wes Roemer hands down. During the season Roemer threw 65 2/3 innings without walking a player. He has allowed only four walks all season long. His 1.97 ERA might be the lowest out here, but striking out 134 to only four walks is amazing.

Georgia may be hot, but their winning ways are nothing compared to Rice's. The number one-ranked Owls have won 37 of their last 40 games.

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