Statistically Speaking

The Georgia Bulldogs have reached the College World Series for the 5th time, but how does this team stack up against the other Omaha-bound Bulldog teams. He is a breakdown on how this team stacks against the other four.

This current Bulldog team has a team batting average of .312, a lot better than last year's .265, but last year Georgia did not back the College World Series. In 1987, the first year, Georgia made it, they batted .325. In their championship season of 1990, they batted .304. In both 2001 and 2004, they had identical averages of .300. The Georgia record for highest average in a season is .360 back in 1980. Maybe Georgia was worried about championships in other sports that year.

This year, Georgia has scored 489 runs. That is more than the 477 scored in 1987 and the 484 back in 2004, but not more than the 498 scored in 2001. The record happened in 1990, when the Dawgs scored 552 times. If the Dawgs have a monsterous series, who knows if they break it?

Home Runs, Georgia has 77 this year. It is a lot more than the 64, Georgia hit in 2004 and it's almost the 79, Georgia hit in 2001. They still have a little way to go to reach 86 like they did it 1990. I don't think they will reach the 102 they hit back in 1987. Back then, Georgia had their own "murderer's row" in Derek Lilliquist, Roger Miller, Pete Freeman and Rich Bielski.

Is this team fast? They have 64 stolen bases, but the 2004 team had 81. The other 3 hardly stole at all. In 2001 they had 44, in 1990 they had 37 and in 1987 they had just 26. I guess that team didn't worry about stealing when they were clobbering 102 home runs.

Now pitching... Georgia's ERA is at 4.76. Which is very similar to the 4.77 back in 2001 and the 4.80 back in 1987. The 2004 team had a 4.30 ERA and the 1990 team had an ERA of 4.14. The 1958 team had an ERA of 2.97, what was their secret? Wooden bats?

In the movie, "Bull Durham" the character Crash Davis says that "strikeouts are boring! Besides that, they're fascist." Well if you like strikeouts, you were happy 461 times this year. It was more than the 430 they had in 1990, but it was less than the 496 back in 1987, or the 526 they had in 2004, or the Georgia record 530 they had in 2001.

The most important stat of course is winning. Every time that a Georgia team has had more than 40 wins they have advanced to the College World Series. This year was no different. So far the 47 wins is tied for the 2nd most ever by a Bulldog team with the 2001 gang. The 2004 had 45 and the 1987 team had 42, but the championship team of 1990 had 52. That number is in reach if they win it all.

So bring your calculators out and see if the Georgia Bulldogs can reach some of these marks. That is if you are into that sort of thing.

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