What About Next Year...

The Georgia baseball team went two and out in Omaha this week, but overall they had a very good season. The finished the season with 47 wins and made their 5th College World Series appearance in the school's history. But what about next year? Well here's a very very very early look.

The Georgia baseball team is already doing the two most important things to keep this program sucessful.

1. Get the best high school players from the state of Georgia. 29 of the 33 players on this year's roster hailed from the Peach State. It's OK to get talent elsewhere, but like every other sport, keep the talent here and don't let Georgia Tech get them either. There are many great places to recruit in the state of Georgia. In this year's recruiting class, 10 of 16 recruits hail from Georgia.

2. Keep this coaching staff as long as you can. Sometimes you scratch your head on some of the decisions, but overall you have to be happy. Head Coach David Perno has led Georgia to 2 College World Series titles in 5 seasons. There is a football coach that could say the same thing (minus the College World Series part... add SEC Championships in its place... but you get the picture.)

Also keep Doug Sisson and Roger Williams. Coach Sisson has done a remarkable job. Any team that improves their team batting average by .44 points is doing a good job (from .265 to .309.) Also, every hitter I talk to points out how much an impact he had on their improvement. A 4.79 ERA does't look too good, but Coach Williams has done a lot. Everyone knew Mickey Westphal, Brooks Brown and Rip Warren were going to be nasty and they were, but what he got out of those freshman during the NCAA Regionals and Super Regionals was pretty amazing. Also Joshua Fields and his 1.80 ERA looks pretty good after the 7.00 ERA last year. It would be nice to see Jason Eller and Derek Smith coming back, but they had volunteer and student coaching positions, so you never know.

The team loses 7 seniors and possible 3 juniors. As of right now we don't know the status of Brooks Brown, Joey Side and Josh Morris. A realist would say Georgia could lose 2 or possibly all 3, but stranger things have happened. The 7 seniors all had a vital role on the team, but then again so does every senior class. This senior class did a good job teaching the younger classes how to win. How good of a job?... we will have to wait and see.

Next year Jonathan Wyatt will be asked to be the team's spark plug again. Wyatt led the team this year with a .360 average and showed he can display occasional pop when he needs to. Ryan Peisel is back and after a very slow start proved worthy with a .310 average. Although Gordon Beckham struggled in Omaha, Georgia fans have to be pleased how he played all season long... after all he finished 3rd on the team in home runs and 2nd in runs batted in. Matt Olson and Matt Robbins both hit over .300 and both should have more playing time next season.

On the bump, Georgia has loads of talent coming back. Nathan Moreau's 8 wins are back and so are such young arms as Trevor Holder, Jason Leaver, Stephen Dodson and Adam McDaniel. If you thought Joshua Fields was good this year, wait 'till next year. Also due back is Nick DeSilvio, who was leading the team with a 1.93 ERA in 9 appearances, until a line drive hit the side of his head during the Arkansas game. Also back should be Iain Sebastian. His stats looked awful this year, but give Roger Williams an offseason and who knows? Remember what happened to Fields?

Georgia also has many younger stars that haven't showed their potential so far like Blake Cannady, Zak Kesler and Miles Starr. The team also has a great class coming in, too.

So Georgia fans worry, but not too much. Things are going to be alright....

I think.

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