A Four Star Corner Talks About The Dawgs

Doug Wiggins is one of the top cornerbacks in the nation. He hails from North Miami Beach and has offers from all over the nation. Georgia is one of many schools that he is looking at and he told me why when I talked to him.

Dave McMahon -- How many offers do you have now?

Doug Wiggins -- I have over 30 now.

DM -- Do you have top-5?

DW -- Not now, but I do like Michigan, Miami, Georgia, Florida, Auburn, Virginia Tech, Oklahoma, Southern Cal, South Carolina and some others.

DM -- When do you plan on narrowing your choices down?

DW -- By the end of the summer I would like to have a top-5 or 6. Basically I am going to talk with my coaches and look at all the teams and then decide.

DM -- I see you have schools from all over the country... I guess location doesn't matter?

DW -- No, it doesn't matter.

DM -- Then what matters?

DW -- Depth chart... the coaching staff... and the overall environment of the school

DM -- Do you know what you would like to major in?

DW -- No, I don't know yet.

DM -- Who is recruiting you at Georgia?

DW -- Coach Martinez

DM -- What do you like about him?

DW -- He's a great guy. He's funny and he's real straight forward. He knows my coach really well. They are good friends.

DM -- Have you talked to Coach Richt at all?

DW -- No, not yet.

DM -- Have you ever been to Athens?

DW -- No, I have been to Georgia before, but not Athens.

DM -- You play a lot of different positions... what is Georgia recruiting you at?
DW -- They want me as a receiver and a returner, but they said I could try out for defense, too.

DM -- Which would you rather play?

DW -- I would play either. Whatever gets me on the field.

DM -- Who are your favorite players?

DW -- I like Dwyane Wade because he is a playmaker and he has the will to win. In football I like players like Vince Young, Barry Sanders and Dan Marino.
DM -- When do you think you will have a decision?

DW -- I want to decide in the fall because I want to graduate early and enroll in college in January. That way I can participate in the spring and maybe play as a true freshman.

DM -- Thank you for your time and good luck with your decision.

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