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Only one Georgia team won a NCAA Championship this year and that was the Gymnastics team. It was the 7th in the team's history and their 2nd in the last 2 years. One of the stars of the team is Ashley Kupets and she tells me that even though next year's season is still over 6 months away, she is out practicing because it's never too early for improvement.

Dave McMahon -- Does it seem strange to you that next year you will be a senior?

Ashley Kupets -- It is pretty weird. I can't believe I am going to be a senior next year. I don't feel like one yet, but I am.

DM -- You are an All-American, yet you still are looking to improve...

AK -- There is always something. I need to work on my dismount off the bars. That is a goal of mine.

DM -- The biggest goal I guess is another championship...

AK -- I want to go undefeated again and make history.

DM -- This summer is a little different, how great is it that your family has moved here to Athens?

AK -- It is great. I love going there to watch TV, do laundry for free and eat dinner.

DM -- What is the best dinner?

AK -- They make the best baked chicken and mashed potatoes.

DM -- Are you going to class this summer?

AK -- No. I decided to take the summer off, since this my last summer as a student. Next summer I will be in the "real world."

DM -- Have you done anything fun yet this summer?

AK -- I have gone to Daytona Beach and St. Simon's. I love going to beaches.

DM -- Well enjoy the rest of summer and good luck to you next year.

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