Vaulting Into History

Last season as a freshman, Tiffany Tolnay was named 1st-Team All-American on vault, beam and the all-around. The NCAA Championship that the team won doesn't look too bad on a resume either. With all that success already what does she do now? Well more practice of course. The season begins in January, but she is already practicing and on her break she talked to me.

Dave McMahon -- You couldn't ask for a better first year at Georgia...

Tiffany Tolnay -- Not really. The year before this, Georgia won a National Championship and the veteran girls kept talking about winning another title and going back-to-back. That put a lot of pressure on me and the other freshmen, so we knew we had to work extra hard because of our high expectations, and we did.

DM -- Now with the season still 6 months away, you are going strong practicing all summer, right?

TT -- Staying in competition shape is the hardest part for me. So when it gets time for the real practices in the fall I will be ready.

DM -- One of your best events is the vault, what do you think about before you run down the runway?

TT -- I remind myself what I have to do... of what the coaches have said... and then I do it.

DM -- You have been a student here for around a year now, besides the gymnastics, what is your favorite part of being a student at the University of Georgia?

TT -- I love being with my friends and going to football games.

DM -- What is the rest of your summer going to be like?

TT -- I am going to work at camps and continue practicing so I can get better.

DM -- Your not going home to Texas at all?

TT -- I already went home and saw my family a few weeks ago.

DM -- Being from Texas, did you always want to compete in gymnastics for Georgia?

TT -- I didn't know anything about Georgia until my junior year in high school. Gymnastics is not that big in Texas.

DM -- I thought everything was big in Texas, oh well, good luck this summer and throughout the rest of your career here at the University of Georgia.

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