Another Football Star Turned Movie Star

In a previous article I told you about Billy Bennett being a kicker in the upcoming movie, "We are... Marshall", but also in that movie is another former Bulldog kicker, Hap Hines. Hines is one of the top scorers in Georgia history and he made the game-winning field goal vs Purdue in the 2000 Outback Bowl. Recently he talked to me about what else has been going on since he left Athens.

Dave McMahon -- What are you doing now in your professional career?

Hap Hines -- I am a algebra teacher and coach at Marietta High School.

DM -- What position do you coach?

HH -- I coach special teams, linebackers and tight ends.

DM -- How did you get involved in the movie "We are... Marshall"?

HH -- My wife and I were eating at a restaurant and we saw a line to be in this football movie. I thought it would be pretty cool, but when they took my picture and saw my grey hairs, they said I would be too old to be a player, but they said I could be a trainer on the sidelines and I said OK. They told my wife that she can be a cheerleader.

DM -- How many days were you on set?

HH -- About 12 days.

DM -- Any speaking parts?

HH -- No, I am not the best actor. I have never even been in a play before, not even in 4th grade or when I was younger.

DM -- What was your favorite part of being out there?

HH -- Seeing how everything is done is very cool. All the actors were real nice and we all got along. I got to hang out with the actor playing Lucas Booth (Brian Beegle) a lot and I talked to Matthew McConaughey a little.

DM -- What was the worst part?

HH -- I got a bad sunburn on my bald spot. It was pretty bad.

DM -- So are you a big time actor now?

HH -- No, not really. You know I don't consider myself a very stylish guy, but I had to go through wardrobe and I had people putting makeup on me. It all felt kind of weird. In real life I would never put some of that stuff on. So with all that stuff, I felt like a movie star.

DM -- Billy Bennett plays a kicker in this movie, why not you?

HH -- No I haven't seriously kicked a football in 6 years... and that was 60 pounds ago, too.

DM -- You haven't kicked a ball in 6 years?

HH -- Well, I kicked one in front of my players that I coach from about 45 yards, but that was with a block, and I barely made it. Now if I kick the ball my goal just not to pull anything and keep my leg attached.

DM -- That was a pretty big kick...

HH -- Yep, that and the Purdue game-winner were two pretty big ones. Although the kicks I remember more was in the 1996 Auburn game. It was that crazy 4 overtime game in which we had to come back big time. It was that game which we felt that we put Georgia back on the map.

DM -- After your Georgia career, did you ever try out for the NFL?

HH -- I got a letter from the Packers, but I knew they weren't going to get rid of their current kicker, so I didn't tryout. Plus I had a bad back at that time, so I didn't want to risk hurting it more.

DM -- Do you keep in touch with any of your former teammates?

HH -- A lot of them. Cory Phillips, Jon England, Paul Snellings, Brady Pate, Brad Register, Brett Millican, Michael Greer and a few more. Some of the guys and I try to get together and go to Talladega every year and catch a race.

DM -- Do you ever get up to Athens and watch a game?

HH -- I go to about 3-4 a year.

DM -- Is there a building, a store, a restaurant that you miss from your college days that you wish you could cut out of Athens and put in your neighborhood?

HH -- I wish I could bring Allen's Hamburgers on Prince Avenue here.

DM -- Thank you for your time and good luck in the best supporting actor category.

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