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Jeremy Thomas played 3 seasons for Georgia and was a key part of the Bulldog offense. He was a fullback and he did it all from blocking to protecting and from running to receiving. After his Bulldog career ended, he had a brief stint with the Cincinnati Bengals. Now he is about to start another career, but first he talked to me about football.

Dave McMahon -- What are you doing now?

Jeremy Thomas -- I am excited, I just took a new job with Wachovia. I will be an insurance broker dealing with small property and casualty.

DM -- Does it seem odd that its been a year and half since you have played football for Georgia?

JT -- It does. When I see some of the guys it brings back some great memories, but you have to move on.

DM -- What are the Georgia players going through right now... what was the summers like?

JT -- It was crazy. We had to do a lot of conditioning to work on our strength and speed. Coach Van Halanger would have us running in the heat all the time, preparing us for what it would be like in the fall.

DM -- Did you grow up a Georgia fan?

JT -- A little. I was just a big football fan.

DM -- What was it like for you the first time you ran out between the hedges as a member of the Bulldogs?

JT -- The crowd noise was deafening. I had to calm myself down a little. Once the game started I knew I had to stay focussed and do my job.

DM -- Do you remember you first start?

JT -- It was in the 2002 SEC Championship game vs Arkansas. Our first offensive play we had the ball on the 1 or 2 yard line and I was out there and so was out there and so was the other fullback J.T. Wall. We were in a jumbo package and Musa Smith scored a touchdown.

DM -- You scored a touchdown in your last game as a Bulldog in the 2005 Outback Bowl. It was a receiving TD... it was you first TD reception... do you think Georgia should have thrown to ball to you more?

JT -- Every player wants the ball more, but we had so many weapons that year.

DM -- Do you still keep in touch with a lot of your former teammates?

JT -- I talk to Greene and Pollack every now and then. I mostly talk to a lot of more to my fellow walk-ons. When I started I was a walk-on and we had to go through a lot, so we share a common bond in that.

DM -- You always seem to be in a good mood, what former teammate made you laugh the most?

JT -- There are so many. Arnold Harrison made me laugh a lot. He would tell jokes and made up songs everywhere we would go. He had this song about Snelling Dining Hall that always made me laugh.

DM -- The tailback gets a lot of the glory, but it's the fullback that does a lot of the hard work... what is your definition of a fullback?

JT -- He has to block like a lineman but always have the skills of a runner or receiver. I think teams should use their fullbacks more. It seems like it's a dying position and I don't think it should be.

DM -- How do you think Des Williams and Brannan Southerland are doing?

JT -- I think they are doing a great job. I feel sorry for Des for having to miss last year, but he looks stronger than he did before. I think Brannan has a lot of talent. He can do so much on the field.

DM -- Who are some of your favorite fullbacks of all-time?

JT -- Mack Strong, the former Bulldog is still going strong in the NFL. I also like William Henderson, Lorenzo Neal, Joel Makovicka and a few more.

DM -- With the new job, are you going to find time to make it to some Bulldog games this fall?

JT -- I would love to. I guess I have start donating to get some good seats. I would really like making it to the Georgia/Florida game. I have never been there as a fan. I bet it is crazy.

DM -- Thank you for your time and good luck getting some tickets.

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