No More Weeks Off

David Weeks was a versatile offensive lineman when he played for Georgia in the early-to-mid 1990's. The 6'6" 280+ pounder played Center, but at times played Guard and Tackle. He was one of the key limemen of one of the most explosive offenses in the nation. Now he is a very successful businessman in Athens. He talked to me about business and of course, football.

Dave McMahon -- What are doing now?

David Weeks -- I am the owner of 3 Barberitos restaurants in Athens.

DM -- How did you get started in that?

DW -- I always wanted to own my own business and after 7-8 years in the corporate scene it was time to change. I never worked in the restaurant business before, but my wife and I have always liked having family and friends over for food. One of my friends owned a Zaxby's and told me how much fun it was. So I tried it.

DM -- Barberitos is very popular in Athens... what is the most popular menu item?

DW -- The burito is definitely the most popular. Most people like it in a spinach wrap. What goes in it varies from store to store. The downtown store likes chicken or tofu, the 5-points store likes the chicken as well, but the Epps Bridge Road prefers the steak.

DM -- Can you believe it's been over 10 years since you played for the Bulldogs... if I gave you all summer to train... do you think you would be able to play with the Bulldogs?

DW -- Maybe. I could be out there for a play or maybe one series and that would be it. My body is not responding like it was before. A lot of wear and tear. My knees and back are not what they used to be.

DM -- You were listed at 6'6" and 280 pounds... that might not cut it for an offensive lineman today...

DW -- You are right. The biggest I got was 298 right before two-a-days, but after that I usually weighed around 280. It's amazing how big and fast these guys are now. I was slow. I survived on guts and determination. These guys are incredible.

DM -- You played center and some tackle and guard in your day... did you do that just to make sure you got playing time?

DW -- I wanted to be out there all the time. I talked to Coach McDuffie early on and told him I was willing to move if they needed me to. It helped me later on because I knew what my fellow lineman had to do, so I was better prepared at my position.

DM -- Which position was the hardest and why?

DW -- Playing Center is hard. First and foremost you have to make a good snap to the Quarterback while you have a 300 pound tackle or guard in your face. Then you have to be ready to block or protect right away. Center is the most physical and mental. If you are just worried about physical then probably the Split Tackle is probably the toughest because you are generally going against their best Defensive End.

DM -- Which did you enjoy the most?

DW -- Being Center. I loved being in the middle of it all.

DM -- You were the starting Center when Hines Ward was playing Quarterback for Georgia... now he is all-everything in the NFL... describe Hines Ward...

DW -- He was and is the man! The stuff he is doing in the NFL right now is not surprising me. He is such a good receiver, but he is even a better blocker, he always was, he could knock your head off. He can do everything.

DM -- What former teammates do you keep in touch with?

DW -- A lot of them. Jeff Kaiser, Chad Chosewood, Paul Taylor, Matt Stinchcomb, Trey Sipe, Will Muschamp, Mike Bobo. You can't beat the friendships that you make while you are in school.

DM -- Who was your toughest teammate that you had to go against in practice?

DW -- Whit Marshall was always tough. Me and him actually went to kindergarten together, but we would always fight in practice. During games he was not the fastest nor the biggest, but his motor kept on running all the time.

DM -- Which player was the toughest opponent you had to go against?

DW -- Probably Kevin Carter of the Gators. He later played for the Rams when they were winning all the time. He was one of those players that was about 280 pounds but could run a 4.5 forty.

DM -- Thank you for your time and if you ever run into Kevin Carter again maybe a Tofu Burito could calm him down.

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