2,710 Miles Away

Bobby Felmy had a great baseball career for the Georgia Bulldogs. In his 3 seasons, Felmy belted 24 career homers. This season he was 4th on the team with 52 rbi and tied for the team in steals with 10. Earlier this month he was drafted by the San Francisco Giants and now plays for the Salem-Keizer Volcanoes. He has already played in 2 games and this week he talked to me about the new change.

Dave McMahon -- What is it like playing in Oregon?

Bobby Felmy -- I am having a good time. I am learning to adjust to everything. It is a lot of fun. There is a lot of down time and you have to find things to do.

DM -- Have you ever been to Oregon before?

BF -- No. This was my first time here. I also had to go to Arizona for a physical and that was my first time there, too. My physical was at 5:30 in the morning and I flew out later and played my first game that night.

DM -- Did any family join you on this trip?

BF -- No, it was just me.

DM -- You have already played in 2 games and you have gone 4-for-8 with a home run, not bad... so I guess you are not nervous about being there?

BF -- I don't think about being nervous or any of the pressure. I just play the game like I have always have played the game.

DM -- Tell me about your first home run as a professional?

BF -- I hit the ball real well and the wind was blowing hard to right.

DM -- Are the dimensions a lot different than it is at Foley Field?

BF -- Right Field is 325 out and the wall is about 12 feet high. There is a big freeway behind the wall and a huge net to protect the cars from getting hit.

DM -- Anyone on your team that you have ever played with or against?

BF -- Evan Bush played at Alabama and Brad Boyer I played with in the Cape Cod League a few years back.

DM -- The minor leagues are known for their wacky promotions... I see on Fridays your team has fireworks and this Monday, the San Diego Chicken is appearing... do you remember the famous chicken?

BF -- I remember watching The Chicken pretend to pick fights with Barney the Dinosaur.

DM -- Have you talked to any of your former teammates, especially the other ones that got drafted as well?

BF -- I haven't had a chance to call any of the guys. Ryan Peisel called me and that was real cool.

DM -- What one thing that you don't have in Oregon that you had in Athens that you wish you can have?

BF -- My dog. I will be getting my dog soon so that is OK. That and my 25 former teammates this year. We had a great time playing this season.

DM -- Good luck the rest of the season and in getting to the show.

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