Richt & Dawgs visit Camp Sunshine

RUTLEDGE – In the world of college football recruiting, camping is one of the most important things a prospect can do. But today the Bulldogs camped in a very different way – today the Bulldogs visited Camp Sunshine.

Camp Sunshine gives children with cancer the opportunity to learn new skills, develop independence and to participate in activities that promote normal childhood development. Campers have a wide array of activities to choose from including crafts, tennis, basketball, karate and other outdoor activities like football.

Campers stay in cabins on rural property just south of I-20. The camp is sponsored by HomeBanc, which has been a community sponsor with Georgia's Athletic Association since 2002. It is the second year Bulldog players have visited the camp, but the first year their coach visited the camp.

Coach Richt was a perfect camp visiting coach--just one of the guys--and he made an unforgettable impression on the kids.

"This is an awesome camp," Richt said. "I am really impressed with the counselors, the people who organized this and the facilities. I am glad I came."

All visitors, including the Bulldogs, are greeted with a hug and a bracelet. Each year a camper or visitor returns they are given another bracelet – and plenty more hugs. The experience of the Dawgs at the camp is not soon forgotten: running back Thomas Brown was wearing his bracelet from Camp Sunshine at the Georgia's summer workouts today.

"Our players need to know what it feels like to put somebody ahead of themselves, and to help people that can't help themselves," Richt said. "Our guys are talented, and they have had a lot of people tell them how special they are. But it's nice for them to know what it feels like to help out. I think it gives them a better perspective on life, too."

Richt, players and tight ends Coach David Johnson helped teach campers drill the Bulldogs work on every day – like passing drills from quarterbacks to their receivers. After a short warm-up session the campers got going – and got going good.

"We had a Georgia Tech quarterback completing passes to a Georgia wide receiver – how often does that happen?" the coach said with a smile watching footballs fly through the air.

"We all share the satisfaction of giving something back to kids who've been through a lot and still are just normal kids who love football, love being outside and are working hard to move beyond cancer," Richt said. "What touched my heart the most was to see the amount of time and resources put towards this camp. It got me really excited, and I know these kids are blessed by it."

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