Step Up to the Mike

Mike Fellows played on the offensive line for the Georgia Bulldogs during the late 80's to the early 90's. He was part of a top-10 team that featured one of the school's greatest offenses. This week I talked to him to find out what is doing now and what he remembers on his days Between the Hedges.

Dave McMahon -- What are you doing now?

Mike Fellows -- I have working at Empire Distributors for the last 5 years.

DM -- Your first season at Georgia was in 1989, that was also the first season without Vince Dooley and with Ray Goff... How important was it to the team to start the Goff era on the right foot?

MF -- It was the top priority of the team. We all wanted to leave a good impression. You don't get a 2nd chance to leave a 1st impression.

DM -- You started you first game here... you were the first Bulldog in 7 years to start his first game as a true freshman... take us back...

MF -- I found out that week that I was starting. The whole thing was a big shock. I was just a 17-year old kid from a small town in northeast Georgia and now I am going against a 23-year old named Santana Dotson, who later starred in the NFL. I just worried about what assignments I had to do and what the coaches told me and I went out and did them.

DM -- Your whole Georgia career was marred by injuries... do you remember them all?

MF -- The biggest one I got was a pinch nerve on my shoulder and neck. That bothered me a lot. It happened during 2-a-days during my junior season. I also hurt my right knee real bad. My senior season I injured my right ankle and had to miss a few games. I did more damage to it because I think I came back too soon.

DM -- The 1992 team was pretty dominant... How great was the offense led by stars like Eric Zeier, Garrison Hearst and Andre Hastings?

MF -- Our scheme was so good. We scored pretty easily. Coach McDuffie and Coach Emsinger did a great job on the offense. I feel bad because we were a couple points away from having an amazing team that everyone would remember.

DM -- What about Mack Strong? He was a big part of that offense and he is still going strong in the NFL and he started in last year's Super Bowl...

MF -- Mack was a type of guy that you hardly heard from. He was a workhouse. He would come in early and leave late. He always led by example. He was a rock.

DM -- You also played with Damon Evans... did you always know he had such good leadership qualities?

MF -- I did. I played against him in high school, too. So I always knew how good of a player he was. He was also a leader on the team and I always knew whatever he ended up doing he would be great at it. He is doing a tremendous job as our athletic director.

DM -- Who are some of your teammates that you keep in touch with?

MF -- Chad Chosewood, David Weeks, Clay Ware, Danny Ledbetter, Earl Parker, Earl Fouch and some more. I love going to the football reunions and the letterman tailgates.

DM -- You played about 15-20 years ago and you were considered a big lineman if you were 260 pounds to 290 pounds... you see the guys now... but how big will offensive linemen be in 15-20 years from now?

MF -- That is a scary thought. Right now a lot of them are in the 320-350 range and some of 6'7"-6'8". Who knows how big they will get? I wouldn't be surprised if linemen get to be over 360 pounds... maybe close to 400.

DM -- The linemen today also have a lot more speed than they did in your day. How much of a lead would I have to give you in a 40-yard dash in a race against some of the linemen today?

MF -- I am not in the best shape now. So in a 40-yard dash... I would say 39 1/2 yards.

DM -- Thank you for your time and good luck in that race.

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