Wiggins likes Dawgs, but won't be at camp

ATHENS – Georgia's annual summer camp, which features some of the top players in the South interested in the Bulldogs, will not include one local player interested in getting an offer from the Dawgs. The camp runs from July 7-8.

Doug Wiggins, an "athlete" from Miami, said that he will not be in Athens for Georgia's summer camp in two weeks.

"I am trying to narrow it down to at least five or six schools before the end of the summer because I trying to graduate early in December," Wiggins said.

Wiggins said Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, USC, Michigan and Oklahoma are his top schools.

Wiggins said the position he will play in college will have a lot to do with the college he picks.

"I have to call the coaches and see where they want me at," he said. "I think the position I will want to play will depend on the school I play for. I want to make the fastest impact possible."

Wiggins has not camped this summer, and said he does not plan on going to any.

"I am working with my team to get better. I am focusing on my senior season right now," he said. "I will focus on the colleges after the season. I am all about my team."

Willie Martinez, a Miami-native, is recruiting Wiggins for the Bulldogs, and according to the prep star that puts the Bulldogs is good position.

"He is very up front with you. He is a cool guy that gets along with my coaching staff and me," Wiggins said. "Coach Martinez knows where I am coming from because he is from Miami. He knows about leaving your hometown, and how to get through it. I know that there are days when you want to be home, and he can relate to that because he is from where I am from."

Wiggins said the location of the colleges recruiting him will not be a factor in his selection.

"I like Miami, but whoever recruits me the hardest is where I will go – wherever I feel the most at home is where I will go," Wiggins said.

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