Can't Wait

Tyler Bowen is a big offensive lineman from Telfair County. He currently has two offers, but he is interested in many of the top schools in the SEC and ACC. Even though he has not received an offer from Georgia, he is really excited about his trip to Athens.

Dave McMahon -- How many offers do you have now?

Tyler Bowen -- I have two now, from Duke and Maryland.

DM -- Are you still coming to Athens for their camp in July?

TB -- Definitely. I can't wait.

DM -- How many times have you been to Athens?

TB -- I have been there a lot. I grew up a Dawg fan. I've gone to many home games there.

DM -- Who was your favorite Georgia player growing up?

TB -- Matt Stinchcomb.

DM -- What did you like about him?

TB -- He was an Academic All-American and an All-American at Offensive Tackle. He was a great player.

DM -- Speaking of academics, do you know what you would want to study in college?

TB -- I am not sure yet. Right now I think it would be something to do with physical therapy, but that could change.

DM -- Who is recruiting you at Georgia?

TB -- Coach Fabris. He recruits this area. He is a pretty cool guy. I also like Coach Callaway. I like the way he coaches. When I visited in the spring, I was very impressed with him.

DM -- What are your strengths as a player?

TB -- My run blocking. We don't pass a lot at my school, so I get to run block a lot. Also I have improved my foot work a lot.

DM -- What do you still have to work on?

TB -- I can always improve even more on my foot work. I also need to improve my strength.

DM -- What are you biggest factors in choosing a school?

TB -- I have to be comfortable at the school. I want it to feel like home. A big thing is that it also has to be an academic school as well a football school.

DM -- Thank you for your time and good luck when making your decision.

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