Interactive Chat Re-Cap with UGA Commitment

Georgia Bulldog Four Star Linebacker Commitment took time out of his busy schedule to stop by the Dawg Post for a Quick Chat. Here is a re-cap from Yesterday's Q&A session with the members of the Dawg Post.

The format for the chat was as follows:  Brookwood's Rennie Curran was on the telephone with's Scott Kennedy. Scott fielded questions from members of the Dawg Post in the chat room, and relayed them to Curran. Curran then answered, and Scott relayed the answers back to the members of the Dawgpost via the chat room.

The following transcript is an edited version appearing in a Q&A format.

Scott Kennedy
- What is your current weight, and what is your target weight for the season?
Rennie Curran:: I'm weighing 215 right now. That's right where I want to be. I'll probably be about 220, but I want to keep my speed up.

AlDog:: What is your workout schedule for the summer?
Rennie Curran:: It's hectic, It's school workouts, and I go to CES after that and it depends on the day. Sometimes I go to CES, sometimes I go to a personal trainer. Art Harris, is a guy that has worked with Caleb King, we work on flexibility and things like that.

thedogfather:: What team are you looking foward to playing the most as a GA Bulldog?
Rennie Curran:: Aww man... definitely the Gators I've read a lot about the stadium, and the game day environment, and that'll be a lot of fun.

frenchdog:: How's your high school team going to look this fall?
Rennie Curran:: We open the season with Camden County this year. That's going to be pretty crazy. We're going to be pretty good... we have a lot of young guys that are going to need some experience. It depends on our leadership and how hard we prepare right now, but we'll be ready to go when it's time to play Camden.

BigBankerDawg:: yall have any offense?
Rennie Curran:: W have a pretty good offense. We have some skill players coming in, and we have a QB coming in from Grayson, and I'm going to play some fullback this year.

Scott Kennedy:: Who are some of the current players that you talk to at Georgia.
Rennie Curran:: I've been talking to Asher Allen, and every time I go up there I talk to the linebackers like Tony Taylor and Jarvis Jackson, and I talk to some of the big DLs like Kade Weston and Ricardo Crawford. I keep in touch with all of the committed guys. Me and Conrad Obi are really good friends. Me and Trinton Sturdivant and Charles White are really good friends. They're all really good guys, besides just being really good at football.

morrisdawg:: how do you feel about your new QB coming in from Grayson?
Rennie Curran:: starting QB - I feel confident about him... he had a running TD against us.. I know once he gets adjusted to our offense, he'll be good... being the new kid, it can be kind of hectic, so he needs to stay focused.

elovely1:: What is Rennie's favorite subject in school?
Rennie Curran:: subject - probably... definitely not physics (laughs)... ummm.... Social Studies and US History...

BigBankerDawg:: what happened in the finals last year (49-7 loss to Lowndes in the State Championship).
Rennie Curran:: finals - awww man... laughs... I really don't know... I guess the scheme wasn't right for that team or something... they did everything perfectly, and we made mistakes...
BigBankerDawg:: that wing t can get overwhelming once it starts rolling

morrisdawg:: who are you working on the most for UGA...excluding caleb
Rennie Curran:: I'm definitely working on Caleb... Logan Walls, Jonathan Dwyer, and Sydney Haynes. I'm working on Nick Claytor too. Me and Haynes grew up against each other in Little League so I'm definitely trying to get him.

frenchdog:: what weight would the coaches like you coming in at next year
Rennie Curran:: they haven't talked to me about weight... just they want me at linebacker ... inside or outside...

BigBankerDawg:: how long did you live in Liberia?
Rennie Curran:: I was born here. My parents came here in 1980. My mom got a scholarship to Emory for nursing.

morrisdawg:: what are some favorite activities off the field?
Rennie Curran:: I'm working in a warehouse right now... I like to play music and stuff... I like Drums and Piano....

thedogfather:: Are you going to enroll in January or graduate regularly?
Rennie Curran:: My school doesn't do the block schedule, so I'll be there in June. I wanted to come in early, but I can't.

TheKing072:: Are you planning on taking an official visit and coming to Athens for home game this fall?
Rennie Curran:: I don't know when I'll take my official visits. I'll tak it whenever, it doesn't really matter... I'll be up there all the time... I'm there for the camp next week. Me and some of the guys that are committed are going to be hanging out with some of the players the day before the camp.

The Dawgpost would like to thank Rennie Curran for making some time for us yesterday, and we look forward to chatting with him again soon.

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