Wants More and More

Marshall "Scottie" Williams had 3 sacks last season, but once was quoted that he wants to lead the nation in sacks next season. He is another in-state star that will be in Athens at their camp next week. He told me a lot more in this interview.

Dave McMahon -- How many offers do you have now?

Marshall "Scottie" Williams -- Four. I have ones from Vanderbilt, North Carolina, Auburn and Memphis.

DM -- Are still going to camp at Georgia next week?

SM -- Yes I am.

DM -- Have you ever been to Athens before?

SM -- This will be my 3rd time. My 1st time was last year during the Auburn game.

DM -- What position is Georgia recruited you at?

SM -- Linebacker

DM -- You once said that you want to lead the nation in sacks next season, how many sacks do you think it would take to lead the nation?

SM -- Somewhere in the high 20's to the low 30's.

DM -- What is your secret in getting a sack?

SM -- You have to outthink the offensive tackles. You have to have quick hands and quick feet.

DM -- What do you still need to work on?

SM -- My overall awareness of the game.

DM -- Overall what do you look for in a school?

SM -- Academics is very important. The graduation rate of the student athletes and the majors they have at the school is also important.

DM -- What do you plan on majoring?

SM -- Either sports medicine or pre-law.

DM -- Thank you and good luck with your decision.

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