Block Party

Whenever there is a big run by a tailback, there may be a big reason behind the run. In 2004, one of those reasons was Des Williams. But prior to the 2005 season, he suffered a shoulder injury and was lost for the year. This season the star fullback should be ready to go. This week he talked to me about the upcoming season.

Dave McMahon -- How has your summer been?

Des Williams -- It has been great. Two of our strength guys, Keith (Gray) and Clay (Walker) have been working us out a lot. They are making sure we will be prepared once the season starts.

DM -- Are you the same size, bigger or smaller, since the injury?

DW -- I am a little bigger. Right now I am at 250. I was about 245-246 before the injury.

DM -- Same speed?

DW -- Same speed.

DM -- Could you have came back sometime during the season last year instead of sitting out all of 2005?

DW -- Possibly towards the end of the season. Physically I had a chance, but sitting out that much, I might not have been ready mentally.

DM -- Did you learn anything from sitting on the sidelines?

DW -- Some... you are always learning. The best way to learn is being out there... getting the reps.

DM -- You have another new running backs coach, what is Coach Tony Ball like?

DW -- He is real cool. He is high tempo and high energy. I would compare him to Coach Rucker that we had a few years ago. One great thing about him is that he cares about the person a lot, not just the player, but the person.

DM -- Give me some words that describes what a fullback is...

DW -- To be a fullback you have to be very physical. It is a hard nose position. There is contact on every play and you have to hit people and fight for control.

DM -- Do you have a favorite NFL fullback?

DW -- Mack Strong and William Henderson. Those two have been in the league a long time and they just keep going and going.

DM -- Georgia has a 3-headed monster at tailback, but they have a 2-headed monster in the fullback position as well... do you and Brannan Southerland have a rivalry?

DW -- Not really. Of course we want more playing time, but we pull for each other a lot. The coaches will rotate us to give us the best chances to do well. We also have 2 freshmen coming in that look ready to play. We might have a 4-headed monster at fullback before too long.

DM -- If you had a choice, would you like to carry the ball more or keep on delivering more big blocks?

DW -- My job is to make blocks. I rather see our tailbacks make 20-30 yard runs because I gave a bone-crushing block.

DM -- Thank you for your time and keep on blocking.

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