Kickin' It (old school)

One thing that has been very solid for the Bulldogs as of late has been the kicking game. Gordon Ely-Kelso handles the punting job and he has been handling it great. Last season he was 2nd in the SEC with a 42.9 yard punting average. As the 2006 season approaches, the senior punter tells all.

Dave McMahon -- How ready are you for your senior season to begin?

Gordon Ely-Kelso -- I am ready. I am really looking forward to it.

DM -- What do you do in practice, is it just punting, or are you involved in plays as well?

GE-K -- The beginning of practice we spend on special teams. It lasts about 20-30 minutes. After that I do my own thing.

DM -- How many punts do you think you do a day during practice?

GE-K -- Somewhere between 20 and 50. You don't want to kick too much and wear out your leg.

DM -- You were an all-state placekicker in high school, do you ever challenge Brandon Coutu or Andy Bailey in field goal kicking?

GE-K -- We play horse every now and then with field goals, but that's about it. I actually have the longest field goal of the 3 of us in practice.

DM -- How far?

GE-K -- 65 yards.

DM -- When was the last time you make a tackle in a game?

GE-K -- Not this past year, but the year before that I had a tackle vs Carnell Williams in the Auburn game.

DM -- Your net average has improved every year... what have you done differently than when you started?

GE-K -- I am more experienced now. I feel more comfortable. I feel real confident with our punt team.

DM -- The yard average is not the only thing, right? There is hang time and pinning the ball inside the 20's as well...

GE-K -- The hang time I feel is one of my strengths. I love it when I pin the ball deep into our opponent's field position because our defense is so good, something good will probably happen.

DM -- Last year you were a Ray Guy Award semi-finalist and you are nominated once again this year... did you ever see Ray Guy kick?

GE-K -- Only on film.

DM -- Since you are a big soccer fan... who is going to win the World Cup?

GE-K -- I think France. I think Brazil and France are the 2 best teams and since Brazil lost, I have to choose France.

DM -- Thank you and keep on kickin' it.

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