Ray of Light

Ray Gant has started games before. Every time he's been asked to fill in a spot on the defensive line, he has. He has played both defensive end and defensive tackle. This season he is scheduled to be the fulltime starter at defensive tackle. Last season the senior from Chapel Hill, North Carolina, had 19 tackles and 2 sacks. This week I had a chance to talk to Ray Gant and this is what he said.

Dave McMahon -- You are listed at 6'2", 277 lbs... come on you are bigger than that, right?

Ray Gant -- I am bigger. I am about 6'2 3/4" and about 295 lbs. I gained weight because I know I am playing defensive tackle. In the past I had to be lighter in case I played defensive end.

DM -- Which do you prefer, defensive tackle or defensive end?

RG -- It doesn't matter. I have played everywhere on the line since I have been here.

DM -- You have seen many great defensive linemen since you have been here... who are you mostly like?

RG -- I am my own person. But if I have to say someone, well I am a mixture of a few people. Some people say I have the motor of a David Pollack. I don't know about that since there will be only one David Pollack. They also say I have the strength of a Johnathan Sullivan. Overall I am me.

DM -- Any additional pressure on you as a starter?

RG -- In the past when I started, I had to do a good job because I was filling in for somebody. Now I want to do a good job, so next year when somebody will be starting for me, they will have to do better.

DM -- Describe Coach Garner...

RG -- He's a great guy. He is a hard nose person, but he loves us all.

DM -- What did you learn from your one year at Hargraves?

RG -- I learned what I should have learned in high school. It was hell at times, but I learned to grow up.

DM -- You are from Chapel Hill, did you go to a lot of Tar Heel basketball games growing up?

RG -- I went to a lot of the home games. My brother-in-law was an assistant there.

DM -- Who was the best player you saw there?

RG -- Julius Peppers. He played football, he played basketball. "Pep" was amazing.

DM -- Do you play basketball?

RG -- I try. I think I am a pretty good athlete.

DM -- You are a big music fan, what is in your car right now?

RG -- Dedication 2... Lil' Wayne

DM -- What would never be in your car?

RG -- I listen to almost everything. I even listen to some country. I probably won't have heavy metal in my car.

DM -- How much do you love football?

RG -- I love it. It is my job. It is one of the few things that I am good it.

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